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Seminário do Prof. Matt Visser (Victoria University of Wellington, Nova Zelândia)

Última Atualização: Quarta, 21 Outubro 2020 16:33

Data: 28.10.2020 (quarta-feira)   

Horário: 18h                                                                      


Analogue Hawking radiation?

Palestrante: Prof. Matt Visser (Victoria University of Wellington, Nova Zelândia)
Data: 28.10.2020 (quarta-feira)
Horário: 16h
Link: Google Meet (hangouts)

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The "analogue spacetime" programme uses various physical analogues (typically condensed matter analogues) to simulate kinematic aspects of general relativity, that is, curved spacetimes up to and including horizons, and free quantum fields defined thereupon, but not the dynamical Einstein equations. From a theoretical perspective this is enough to simulate Hawking radiation, (which is a  purely kinematic effect), but not Bekenstein entropy, (which is an intrinsically dynamic effect depending on the Einstein equations.) A number of experiments have now been carried out (surface waves on water, photons in nonlinear optics, phonons in Bose-Einstein condensates) that probe various aspects of the (analogue) Hawking radiation process.  I will give a broad overview of the experiments performed to date, salient points of the underlying theory, and discuss what we can and cannot learn from this analogue Hawking radiation effect.

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